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The philosophy of information is relevant to information processing, representational system and consciousness, computer science, information science and information technology. Library Philosophy is to be the Provocation of Information seems to be ubiquitous, diaphanous, a-categorical, discrete, a dimensional, and knowledge in the present, past and future context.

Library Information is ever-present and pervasive in our technology and beyond in our thinking about the world, appearing to be a generic ‘thing’ arising from all of our contacts with each other and our environment, whether thought of in terms of communication or cognition. For librarians information is a universal concept, at its greatest extent total in content and comprehensive in scope, even though we may not agree that all information is library information.

Due to its rituality, the manner in which information has the capacity to make an effect, information is freedom. In many aspects it exhibits a transparent quality, a window-like clarity as between source and patron in an ideal interface or a perfect exchange without bias. Information also seems to be a most subtle form of knowledge, whether from being considered fundamental or elemental.

Information happens without pre-definition into certain or rigid structures, orders or classes in any exclusive or preferred way. Information is rich in potential taxonomies and capable of varying interpretation schematically, while at the same time conditional and dependent in the sense of not having an assigned final status.

Following are the sense of integer arithmetic, as in the case of digital computing and possibly for computation in general, including quantum computing, we think of information as of the nature of distinction and distinctness. That Information seems to play a role between mind and matter, an interaction among separate minds and yet associated with a physical medium. The explanatory methods for information should be dimensional and non-dimensional. Both dimensional and non-dimensional forms of information are observable.

The dissemination of Information must be intertwined with processes of learning and knowledge. A recent investigation explicitly shows the link information to cognition and the mind, to consciousness and evolution. The identification of life itself, through models of complex adaptive systems or genetic communication networks or other sophisticated ecologies, now infuses information with a substantial function. Whatever our operational understanding of information, as librarians we have come to regard its diverse conceptuality with familiarity within our traditional systems, designs, plans and processes. Our philosophy of information remains implicit while history shows our intimate participation in the emergence of an ostensible epoch. Librarian Job as well as Librarianship quality must be perennial duty as midwife to the birth of knowledge has not changed appreciably with the passing of decades as well as centuries in past and present.